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Fashion Tips For Men - 3 Popular Ways to Tie a Scarf

Fashion is about incorporating the latest designs and styles of accessories and clothes in your wardrobe and making them a part of you. Designer scarves are one such accessory which can be worn along with your clothes and make you look trendy. These are not only a part of women accessories but are popular as men fashion accessories also. If you are a man and enjoy wearing designer scarves then you can invest in some good scarves which are available at many stores. But before you invest in these accessories, you must know how to tie a scarf so that it adds to your fashion quotient.

The most common style used for wearing these men fashion accessories is to drape it around the neck. However, the metro sexual men has better choices and he can now learn how to tie a scarf like a knot, loop or other styles which can make him look fashionable. 3 popular ways to tie a scarf are mentioned here.

For a more trendy and metro sexual look you can wear your designer scarves in the form of a modern knot. In this you need to wrap the scarf around your neck and then tie the ends at the back of your neck. Towards your front, allow the scarf to hang loosely to your chest. It is one of the smartest ways to wear your scarf. It is best to choose a thin fabric scarf for this style as it gives a better appearance.

It you prefer something more masculine then you can opt for the Parisian Knot style. For this style you need to fold your scarf in half, lengthwise. Then drape the folded scarf around your neck and insert one end through the loop that is there at the other end of the scarf. It is best to take long designer scarf for this style because if the scarf is short then you may not be able to drape it around properly.

Another stylish way of wearing these Men Fashion Accessories is by draping it loosely around your neck. You can simply take a long scarf and drape it around your neck once or twice and allow both the ends to hang towards the front side.

These are some of the ways that can help you learn how to tie a scarf and can make you look trendy. When buying scarf make sure that it matches with your wardrobe and is of good length.