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Jon Kitna Takes Over From Tony Romo For The Dallas Cowboys

With Tony Romo breaking his collarbone, backup quarterback Jon Kitna has risen to the role of starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Kitna has been in the NFL since 1997, but only with the Cowboys since 2009. He went to school at Central Washington University in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and got his start as an undrafted free agent with the Seattle Seahawks.

Jon Kitna got just one start during his rookie season with Seattle in 1997, it was the second to last game of the year and he led the team to a 22-21 victory over the Oakland Raiders after being down 21-3 at halftime. Kitna would play for the Seahawks for four more years, the last two as the starting quarterback.

The Cincinnati Bengals signed Kitna in 2001 and he went in and immediately led the entire NFL in passing attempts his first year with the team. He was an adequate starter for the team, posting three consecutive 3,000 yard seasons from 2001 to 2003, but eventually was transitioned to being the backup for the Bengals new young quarterback Carson Palmer.

2006 would see Jon Kitna join the Detroit Lions as the starting quarterback. In his first season with the team he would lead the entire league in pass completions. In his second season with the team he unfortunately would lead the league in interceptions. After the Lions drafted Matthew Stafford to be their starting quarterback of the future, Kitna would spend one season as a spot starter and backup before moving on in his NFL career.

In 2009, the Dallas Cowboys signed Jon Kitna and gained a seasoned NFL veteran with a number of starts in his history as well as someone accustomed to coming in off the bench. Due to the durability of starting quarterback Tony Romo, 2009 would be the first year in Kitna's entire career where he did not attempt even one pass.

Tony Romo's broken collarbone though has enabled Jon Kitna to return to the field as the starting quarterback again. 2010 has been a huge disappointment for Dallas Cowboys fans, but maybe veteran Jon Kitna can provide something of a spark.