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Reebok Runtone Action Review

One definite must have product for 2011 has definitely got to be the Reebok Runtone sneaker. Already both women and men have been drawn to this sneaker, which claims to help tone and firm the body while running. In this article, I am going to give a very quick review of the shoe. I will look at what it is, how it works and much more.

The Reebok Runtone Action sneaker copies its concept from the hugely popular Easytone shoe. The Runtone has been changed a bit to handle the demands of running. Like the Easytone, the Runtone has a variety of pods underneath the shoe. These pods will shift air around, causing the shoe to have a very unstable feel to it. The body will try to compensate for this instability and this results in the muscles being forced to work harder. Over time you will notice that various parts of the body such as the ankles, legs and glutes will start to get toned, due to the extra work that the muscles in these areas have to do.

So what can you expect in this shoe? This sneaker will have balance ball inspired pods, which are responsible for the moving air that occurs under the shoe, which causes the instability. The Reebok Runtone will also have a light synthetic mesh upper that will provide exceptional fit and comfort. The shoe also has the SmoothFit seamless liner, which is there to minimize whatever irritation could occur when running. The heel of the foot will have less stress and more comfort, all due to the DMX Shear cushioning pads. There is also even more cushioning in the shoe, thanks to the IMEVA midsole.

Another cool thing that I absolutely love about the sneaker is its design. The shoe looks really cool and is a nice sight to see on the feet. The Reebok design team really spent a considerable amount of time ensuring that the shoe would have the stylish look that people would love. One thing that really sets the shoe off is the color schemes that are used for both men and women. The colors used all compliment each other and some of them are really breathtaking. The Runtone is a shoe that helps to tone; however it is also a shoe that is very fashionable and stylish.

Getting fit and healthy should be the mantra for 2011. One of the best ways to start doing that is by getting out there and exercising. If you are planning on doing this, I highly recommend some Reebok Runtone Action Sneakers. These shoes are some innovative sneakers that will assist in toning various parts of the body while running. This is really a great investment and it is worth every penny. This footwear is a must-have and everyone needs to have a pair in their closet this year.