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Stiletto Heels: Smart and Trendy!

Stiletto heels are designed as one of the high heel shoes but they leave a unique impression on the people who wear them. These heels are loved by many women all across the world. Young and dynamic designers from all around the world make sure that they design such a shoe which caters to need of many women who are regular users of the same. It also has an accentuated toe that is pointed. One should be cautious enough to know that where and when to wear these heels. If you are at a gathering which is happening in an open lawn then you should avoid wearing these heels as the heels of your shoe might sink inside the ground. This is where you can feel highly uncomfortable. There are other areas as well which might make these heels uncomfortable and may lead to some problems on the health front. But at the end of the day most of the women get used to wearing these heels which in return make them look classy and stylish. These heels are especially meant for those women who are one of the leading employers of a multinational company or are at senior designation in one such company. You may often observe many women from the Hollywood or other celebrities wearing stiletto heels and portraying the best of their style and attitude out in the public.

Stilettos word is derived from a word called stylus but more or less it is related to the Italian knife with that name. Stylus means needle. However most of the people might think that the meaning of this word might hint towards danger. This can be evident from the old gangster movies of Hollywood where most of the women used to wear these high heels and portray the best of their gangster type of character. Most of the high heel shoes might be using a number of materials for the manufacture of heels. But steel is one of the major components of stilettos which make lot safer than any other material. The heels of these shoes are less prone to breaking and the nylon which is attached at the end of the tip of these heels makes sure that once these heels are worn out, they can be easily repaired by one's own self.