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What Would You Be Willing To Do For 1 Million Dollars?

What would it take for you to streak across the field at Super Bowl halftime? A hundred bucks? Probably not. How about $10,000? Would you do it for $1,000,000? Now that's something to consider.

Obtaining one million dollars is by no means an impossible feat. According to CNN Money, 8.4 million American households had a net worth of at least one million dollars in 2010. Although this number seems like a lot, it only amounted to 7.3% of the nation's households. The median household income in 2010 was $49,445. This means it would take most American households 20 years and 3 months to make one million dollars. This is also disregarding taxes and other household expenses.

What if someone offered you a million dollars to do something outrageous? Would you do it? It would probably depend on how outrageous the task is, the amount of time required, and how much you value a million dollars.

is a free entertainment website that involves people around the world to play an interactive game. The concept is quite unique and addictive in that it reveals each individual's conception of money using crude or scary questions. Every individual is given one vote per question to agree or disagree on whether they would do a specific task for a certain amount of money. After the vote is submitted, the results of all the previous votes are revealed. Many people find it fun to compare their personal response to everyone else's.

is entirely user generated in that anyone can submit questions. All the questions are submitted by users. You can visit and submit a question of your own at the top right corner of the main page. Once the question is approved by the moderator, it will be published onto the site. Other people will then read and vote on your questions. You will then be able to see what most people would do.

never gets old because ten new questions are posted on the main page every day. This allows dedicated users to revisit the website and vote on ten new questions that were submitted by other users. New visitors will still be able to vote on older questions by scrolling through the page links on the bottom of the main page.

is all about fun. It's a great way to cheer you up on a crummy day or just have a laugh when you have nothing else to do. So for $1 million what would you be willing to do?